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Reclaim your wild.


Hi, I’m Teresa. 

Writer, Leader, Artist, Creatrix, and Intuitive, Spiritual, and Embodiment Coach and Mentor for women.


I am an expert space holder and vibe curator, curating individual and group spaces for you to feel safe, and to be seen and heard. 


I lead by asking really poignant questions to guide you back to your intuitive knowing. I do not have all the answers, only the questions.


I will guide you in living a free, wild, creative life.


One-on-One Coaching

Express the wild, messy, and creative parts of you that are buried deeeeep inside of you!

🐺 Wild: Breaking antiquated rules. Re-writing your story. Being guided by intuition. Returning to your visceral nature. Making love to your life. Receiving the medicine of our earth. 

🌀 Messy: Showing up as the perfectly imperfect, you. Ugly crying, silly dancing, sexy dancing. Releasing the people-pleasing inner nice girl. Getting comfortable with the sometimes turbulent, always beautiful, journey of being a woman.

🔥 Creative: Turning your experiences and feelings into art. Making little souvenirs for yourself. Making your world, our world, a little more beautiful.


Sacred Gatherings

Group gatherings are hosted throughout the year, on Zoom or in person in Portland, OR. 


The intention for all of my group gatherings is for women to be together, in community, to love and support each other.

Check back soon for upcoming group gatherings!

What clients say


“It’s been the most rewarding investment in myself in a really long time. The biggest mindset shift has been the focus that transformative is not some magical, ideal moment when all things click… often it’s little changes and little moments every day”.

-Kate M.

"Why I joined Teresa's women's circle at 2am in Sweden: I support strength in women...and the opportunity to share experiences from women, was a gift that I couldn't pass up. Teresa led us in a safe space. I didn’t feel like a stranger even if it was the first time I had talked to these women...I now know that our menstrual cycle is complex, mystical, and natural…and that knowledge makes us stronger women, and that’s what it’s all about.”

-Shannon S.

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