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House of wild

A collective of messy, wild, creative women.

Enrollment closed for this round. Stay tuned!

Welcome to
House of wild.

A six-week virtual experience devoted to women creating really cool shit, together, in community.

A collective for...

Women who want to create something, anything:


A book, a blog, a business, a dance party, a deeper spiritual practice, paintings, stained glass, or woodworking to share with the world, an app, a song, a book of poems, home improvement projects…the list goes on…

Women who want to disrupt.

Women who want to expand.

Women who want to lead.

If you want to create, and are looking for a space in which you can share your ideas, enlist support, be held accountable, and feel inspired, then House of Wild is for you.

What is this space like?

In this space we share, listen, ask, dream, love, cry, laugh, dance, shake, feel and create.

This is not a space of tame rule followers.

This is a space of wild women. Wild means...imperfect and messy. Breaking antiquated rules. Being guided by intuition. Returning to your visceral nature. Making love to your life. Being free.


This is not a space of stagnation.

This is a space of unfiltered, uninhibited, messy, active creativity. 


This is not a space full of rainbows and butterflies. 

This is a space with twists and turns through dark, misty forests, deep mountain lakes, underground caves, and sometimes, there's a little sunshine, rainbows and butterflies.


This is not a space where you will be coddled.

This is a space of truth, in which you will be loved, and the power that lies within you will be mirrored back to you.


This is not a space for transcending the realities of this world.

This is a space for grounding in the profoundness of life. Right now. On this planet. In this body. This space is grounded in the real, raw experience of being a woman on earth.


This is not a space limited to traditional creative mediums.

This is a space for all types of creativity, where we create to feel alive. We create because it brings us joy. We create to be free.

My version of creativity

My version of creativity is not about waiting for inspiration to strike.

It’s about committing to what lights your soul on fire, and doing it day in and day out. It might sound unsexy, but it's about discipline and habit.


My version of creativity is not about sitting in isolation in a perfect little studio reserved for creativity.

It’s about being out in the world, messy and raw, and turning your experiences and feelings into art. It’s about being together with other women to inspire and lift each other up.


My version of creativity is not solely cerebral.

It’s a somatic experience that is ignited and fueled by our sexuality and sensuality. There is dancing and shaking and yelling and crying and laughing.


My version of creativity is not linear.

It is cyclical, ebbing and flowing with the seasons, the moon, and your body. It’s about learning to dance and flow with those cycles. 


Out with the old beliefs, in with the new

Old belief: Creativity is only reserved for a few chosen ones.

New belief: All humans are creative.

Old belief: Creativity only comes to us in the form of a random, elusive, lightning bolt of inspiration.

New belief: Creativity is a practice that requires dedication and commitment.

Old belief: Creativity necessitates an extreme amount of suffering and torment.

New belief: If you are human, you have suffered enough. You do not have to be a tormented artist.

Old belief: Creativity requires the perfect circumstances and environment so you can think clearly.

New belief: Creativity happens in the messy, imperfect wildness.

Old belief: Creative outcomes are something you can control.

New belief: All you can control is the process. You have no say in how your creations are received by the world.

Old belief: Creativity necessitates a deep burning passion.

New belief: Passion is nice, but not necessary. All you need is a single ounce of curiosity to ignite your creativity. 

Old belief: Creativity is solely a mental process.

New belief: It’s a dance between the cerebral and the somatic. It is a process of embodiment.


A 6-week virtual Collective featuring...

These are not intended to change, however, I may adjust slightly, depending on how the group is flowing.


Weekly Themes


Week 1: You are a cyclical being

Week 2: Sexy, sacred structure

Week 3: Be your own muse

Identify your creative project and enter your creative flow through alignment with the seasons and your body.

Commit to the sexy practice of building habits and taking action every single day.

Ground in your creative purpose, follow your curiosities, and let yourself be your muse. 


Week 4: Prioritize pleasure

Dance with creativity and pleasure and understand the physiological and energetic connection between the two.


Week 5: You can see in the dark

Assess and move through blocks and limiting beliefs and integrate your shadow self. 


Week 6: It already is, you already are

Let go of the reins and trust that you have everything you need within you.




Sacred dance

Embodiment practices

Shadow work


Menstrual Cycle Alignment


Hot seat coaching

1:1 coaching 

Sacred scheduling

Seasonal creativity

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Transformation + Results

⭐️  Commit to a creative project, set goals, and create a roadmap for bringing your creation to life 

⭐️  Identify and overcome your limiting beliefs and excuses about why you can’t pursue your creative project now

⭐️  Redefine what it means to be creative, release the belief that creativity is only reserved for a selected few and start to own your creative identity. Understand that being creative is an act of leadership.

⭐️  Workshop your creative idea with me and with each other

⭐️  Gain a network of women who will hold you accountable, support you and inspire you


What are the dates?

April 26, May 3, 10, 17, 31, and June 7. (We are skipping one week in May because I will be activating my wild creativity at Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival!)

What time?

5-6:30pm PST



All things happen in our online community: House of Wild. You will gain access once you sign up.

All live gatherings will be hosted on Zoom, which you will be able to access via the online portal. 

What if I can’t attend every live gathering? Will I still get value from this experience?

Yes! Women join in different time zones. You will receive the recording to each event and you’ll be able to stay connected via our online community portal. 


What will each gathering be like?

Live gatherings will include meditation, embodiment practices, teaching, discussion, hot-seat coaching and time for Q&D (question and discover). In between each live session, you will be asked to complete the self-reflection prompts aimed at guiding you in bringing your creation to life. 

When do we meet?

Our live sessions will be on April 26, May 3, 10, 17, 31, and June 7 from 5-6:30pm PST. (We are skipping one week in May because I will be activating my wild creativity at Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival!)


Will there be an online community portal?

Yes! The online space will be for connecting with each other in between the live gatherings. It will be space to share, celebrate, problem solve, and ask questions.


What if I can’t attend every live gathering? Will I still get value from this experience?

Yes! Women join in different time zones. You will receive the recording to each event and you’ll be able to stay connected via our online space. 


I want to create ___ is this for me?

Yes! This is for any woman who wants to create something, anything!


What if I don’t know what I want to create? 

If you come to House of Wild with 2-3 ideas, we will work together to focus your energy toward one. If you are totally in the dark about what you might create, this might not be the space for you. So do a little work, and then come back to us. 


Who do you mean by women?

We mean anyone who identifies as being a woman.


What if I want to create something, but I have too much going on to do so now?

Sis, those excuses are endless (I say this with love). There will never be a perfect time. If your soul is itching to create, and you are here reading this message, now is the time for you. 


Where do I sign up?


What does it cost?

$144. (If you'd like to pay in two installments, instead of in full, email me to set this up!)

What if I have more questions?

Email me at!

Hi, I'm Teresa.
Writer, Leader, Creative and Intuitive, Spiritual, and Embodiment Coach and Mentor for women. I guide women in returning to their wild, visceral natures through connection to the body and the earth. I lead by asking really poignant questions to guide you back to your intuitive knowing. I do not have all the answers, only the questions. I am an expert space holder and vibe curator, curating individual and group spaces for you to feel safe, and to be seen and heard. In another life, I was a project manager. I love action items and timelines, and I’m a master at helping you create your action plan for bringing your creative project to life. I cannot wait to c0-create with you!
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