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Stop telling me to f'n be present!

Do you ever wish people would stop telling you to be present?!

Enough already, right?

Like, I get that I might feel more relaxed if I noticed the trees swaying in the wind, but I have a brilliant brain that thinks 70,000 and activates 100 billion neurons per day 🤯…

And the more I tell it to be present,

The more elusive presence becomes.

And then I beat myself up for not being present…and I dont think that’s really the point, is it?

Plus, aren’t I always present? Thinking is an experience too, and if I’m thinking then I’m present with my thinking. Who decided sensing is a more worthy and valid experience than thinking? And are the two really all that different anyway? Thinking still requires the physical process of neurons firing, so I think that’s a form of sensation too…

Plus, what’s so great about being present with my surroundings anyway?

Sometimes my mind is far more interesting than what my boss is droning on about on a Monday morning, or the crows annoyingly squawking in a tree, or my neighbor’s dog barking all evening…

The truth is we are always present. How could we be anything but?

It’s just a matter of what we are present to.

Sometimes we are present with our thoughts. And those thoughts are full of so much wisdom, as they reflect our wildest dreams and our deepest fears.

Other times, we are present with our body, which is also full of so much insight, into our health, and also our wildest dreams and deepest fears. (And, I’d even go one step further to say that to be present with either our thoughts or our bodies, is really one in the same. For we are not a separate mind and body. We are one. The mind is part of the body).

Other times yet, we are present with the trees and flowers and birds.

We get to practice cultivating a balance of all the experiences of presence, so that we are not living at one end of the spectrum, either totally in our heads or totally outside of ourselves…

We get to be present with all the things.



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