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Things I'm loving lately

To tell you the truth, I’ve been loving a lot of things lately…

Catching glimpses of Ev’s wedding band on his left hand, and the repeated feeling of “that’s my husband!”

My daily writing practice at the coffee shop below my apartment…getting cozy in my seat, sipping my iced coffee with almond milk, watching two little kids savor the special croissant treats their mom buys them (this brought me to tears the other day because…moms and kids and life and croissants and tables and eyes and ears and noses to experience it all with and fuck how are we the only beings in the universe that get to experience such things?!)

Getting out of bed in the middle of the night to pee, feeling cold, then crawling back into bed next to my husband

Long sunset walks through to, through, and from the cemetery

Being in a new environment that is inviting me to remember I have nothing to prove and no one I need to impress

A sidewalk covered in leaves

The fall leaves decorating the sidewalks in yellows and reds

Night time (by night time I mean 6pm) views of the city lights in downtown Portland from my balcony

Listening to Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap

More listening to Frank Ocean’s Blonde again and again…going to sleep with his voice in my head, waking up with his lyrics running through my mind “but we’re so okay here, we’re doing fine…primal and naked”

Starting work with a new therapist and going to my first in person therapy session

The most epic sunrise pics that my dad sends me, from the eastern shore of Maryland

A sunrise in Maryland

Texts from my mom telling me that she’s practicing a breathing technique that I taught her and that it’s WORKING!

The big little wins my clients are experiencing - getting raises, finding their people who see and feel them, getting more comfortable with the uncomfortableness of feeling and expressing anger, waking up early and journaling and drinking tea, protecting their energy from the world during that sacred first hour of the day; and knowing that this type of deep self care might seem small, but actually ripples out in to the word

Sunny November days in Portland

Looking at photos of my weird pumpkin flower centerpiece from our wedding celebration

A pumpkin with flowers

My new afternoon snack of a cinnamon rice cake topped with peanut butter and banana

Plus like a million other little things…

What are YOU loving lately?

What you’re loving might very well be a hard or uncomfortable thing. Or a simple thing.



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