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My Vision

I envision a world in which every human is free enough to…


Feel, be present with, and express joy and pleasure.


Dance in our streets, kitchens and stairwells, because our bodies are so free that we have released the fear of judgment.


Spend five minutes basking in the kiss of the sunshine without worrying about the next item on our to-do lists.


Smile at strangers on the sidewalk because it is safe to express our love with this simple gesture. 


Revel in our body’s sexuality while knowing it does not define us.

Explore and (re)define our sexuality without fear of being ostracized.

Be empowered by, and in communion with, our bodies and cycles.

Permit ourselves, and others, to feel good.


While my vision is for all humans, my direct role in achieving this vision is by holding space for women to question, explore, cry, laugh, dance, love and re-write our stories.  


My Story

My inner Wild Woman has been undergoing an awakening my entire life.


It all started when I was an infant and experienced an spiritual energy transfer with my great uncle as his soul prepared to leave his physical body.


It continued as I…


Explored universes and portals in my backyard woods with my best friend Valerie.


Lived in China, plunged into an unfamiliar culture, and experienced extreme loneliness and darkness.


Embarked on my first “real” backpacking trip in 2017, where I immediately felt at home in the Hoh Rainforest.

Left my soul-draining corporate job to traverse the US wilderness in 2020.


Buzzed off my full head of hair in 2022, sticking it to all the norms about what makes a woman beautiful and desirable. 


My family, friends, strangers, and my inner wild woman had been whispering to me for years: you emanate inner peace; you have such grace to share with the world; you are meant to lead others.


I finally listened.


And here I am to guide you becoming the wild-est, free-est person you know.

My Background

My mission is to create a more free world for every human.

I’ve worked toward that mission by building social impact programs in corporate, consulting, and nonprofit settings, and by being a teacher in many evolutions: English teacher to Chinese kids, writing tutor to college students, mentor to refugee and immigrant families, and spiritual and embodiment coach and mentor for women.

As coach and mentor, I apply my superpower of asking poignant questions to guide you back to your inner knowing. I apply my past experience writing curriculum to create transformative spaces, gatherings and courses for you to return to your wild, free, visceral nature. I apply my project management experience and love for structure to help you build nourishing habits and make micro shifts to support your evolution into your full, wild self.

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