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one-on-one Coaching

We going all in.

Meeting your inner child, shedding light on your shadows, unleashing your wild woman, talking to your womb. 

This is no joke.  It requires commitment and stamina. It will be intense.

There will be crying and laughing and dancing and shaking.

As a result? Ease, freedom, joy and ecstasy.

Then new challenges and discomfort. More tears and frustration.

But this time, with an underlying feeling of peace and trust. 

This is for you if You...

Are a mission-driven woman who desires to kick your mission into high-gear.

Are tired of your own BS and ready to go all in on investing in wild, creative life.

Believe in the power of our mother earth. When I start talking about the healing powers of trees, mountains, lakes, and the moon, you are so here for it.

Are curious about living in alignment with your menstrual cycle.

My coaching style

My coaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that you have everything you need within you. I am not here to fix you. I am here to guide you back to your truth. I lead by asking you poignant questions. I do not have all the answers, only the questions.


My coaching Model

I will guide you using four frameworks, which are ever-evolving as I evolve and learn. We flow through these in a way that makes the most sense for you and your goals.




Inner Child + Societal Deconditioning

Nervous Sytem Regulation +

Somatic Healing

Menstrual Cycle Alignment

Prioritizing Pleasure + Expressing Sensuality 




Sexy, sacred structure

Sacred dance

Embodiment practices

Shadow work



Schedule a free session.

I'll ask you questions about your goals, and tell you all the details of my coaching containers  Then we'll determine if it's a good fit on both ends. Either way, we'll have a beautiful 30 minutes together.

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